Better Body Image

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Do you hate your body? Or wish if you could just change this one thing? Well, whether you feel you are too fat or just not something enough – everyone feels like there’s something they’d like to change about their bodies.

Yet there are lots of reasons to appreciate even cherish the body you have. For one thing, accepting yourself is a lot more fun, and wastes away less time, than constantly obsessing over what you don’t like, don’t have, or want to ‘fix.’ Your body is yours, uniquely yours, to use, take care of, and to treasure.

Read the below tips and learn how to appreciate yourself.

What Are You Missing
What do you miss out on when you don’t accept your body and treat it well? What has it cost you so far? Aside from the physical and mental health risks, think about all the things you refrain from doing, trying, being. Think about all the people you don’t meet, the cool things you never experience, when you let a pesky negative body image stand in your way.

Who You Admire?
List who you admire, or people you recognize as having made a difference in your life, or in the world. Likely your list is chock full of smart, kind, creative, inventive, funny, talented, self-confident people. And just fix yourself because you are definitely a couple of those things yourself.

Stop Talking About Yourself
Every time you disparage yourself somebody is listening. Literally, your body ‘hears’ what you say and your negative feelings are reinforced and further internalized. So knock off all your comments that pop in your mind.

Don’t Go By Publicity
The objective of publicity is not to inform, serve, guide or help you, but it is to make money. Don’t define yourself by arbitrary, external dictates. Instead, work on developing your own style. Have fun. Wear something weird. Or don’t. Do what feels right, and you won’t go wrong.

Change Your Focus
Why focus on what you don’t like when you could just as easily focus on what you do like? Get busy by talking to a friend or playing a vigorous game of volleyball to make you forget about your silly ole appearance. Change your focus, and you’ll soon see a change in how you feel.

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