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You may come across lots of ways to mask your face to make it look better and good such as by following Whitening Tips. But how about creating your own face mask? This will help you know the process and make you confident about what creation you are making for yourself. So here are the steps to create your own face mask.

  1. Start by cleaning your face extremely well. Areas of the skin which do not always get access to soap and water have to be cleansed properly. If your skin is dry to normal, put on a moisturiser. You can use coconut oil, if available, because it is natural and it will not prevent the loss of natural body oils with the drying effects of face masks. But if your skin is greasy, go straight to the face masks.
  2. Make sure that you have a place to relax, because when you apply the gel or clay mask you have to make sure that you keep absolutely still and quiet for about 10-20 minutes. Speaking will stretch out the mask and prevent it from being fully effective.
  3. Keep the mask away from the sensitive areas like the mouth or the eyes. The skin here is extremely delicate, and there is the possibility of it being damaged.
  4. Apply the face mask upon the cheeks, forehead, nose, chin and neck. People normally neglect the neck and it is sometimes very funny to see the face bleached, while the neck is still a dusky natural tone. Make sure that the eyebrows are not touched, because if you are using a gel mask, you wouldn’t want to peel off your eyebrows with the mask.
  5. The best masks are the natural masks. But before you select a mask, you must make sure which skin type you are. If you have a very oily centre part and dry cheeks, you can use 2 different masks if you want.

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