Face Mask Tips

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Once you have decided on a face mask, it is important that you apply it properly to experience its best effects. Most important, it is advised not to use fingers when applying a face mask. Instead have some qualitative brushes ready to use for the face mask. Prior to applying a face mask, you have to knot the hair back or have it gathered in a scarf or use a headband to prevent the hair from falling on your face.

When applying face masks, remember not to restrict the face mask to the face alone as the neck, shoulders and arms too should be remembered. These areas also take lots of beating and need some pampering and regular care.

Make sure you wear clothing that does not cover the neck area. Apply face masks using brush or strokes and avoid sensitive areas like the lips and under the eyes. If required, you can use a mask cream on the mouth and eyes to prevent the face mask from reaching them. Remember to never apply the face mask on cracks on the face. On applying the face mask, you have to leave it for 20 minutes for drying.

Remember not to speak or laugh when you have the face pack on. In fact, it proves to be beneficial to take this time to rest and relax while the pack dries and does its work on your face. After drying, it is possible to remove the mask by rubbing it from the face and mask and then gently moistening with clean water. If you use a peel off mask, remember to rinse the face with lots of water.

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