Tanning Treatment

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You want your body to glow and for that you will try Body Polishing, skin treatments and a loads of way to get towards wearing that beauty mask on yourself.

Tanning treatment will help in turning your skin golden brown in a fraction of the time that it would take you to do it naturally. There are various kinds of tanning treatment but their aim is the same, to make you look as though you have been sunbathing. It’s a healthier way to do it than planting yourself in the sun for hours at a time.

Is Tanning Treatment Good?

Most of us feel an urge to sit and bask in the sun in the summer. The sun and its Ultra Violet rays can be really good for us: the light and warmth can make us feel relaxed and sensual; it can increase the release of endorphins, UV rays also help our bodies to produce Vitamin D, which is necessary for healthy bones and healing scar tissue; it also helps improve blood flow.

But there’s a difference between the sun and tanning. Sun can be good; tanning in the sun is less good. If you lie out tanning in the sun, you’re vulnerable to burns and skin cancer. Getting a natural tan these days is a risk. Yet, despite repeated attempts by doctors and the fashion industry to bring in bone-white-skin chic, we still tend to think that everyone looks better with a tan.

Tips to consider for self tanning:

  • Scrub away the dead flaky skin first before applying any self tanning products. This way, you can avoid a patchy finish.
  • Apply a generous amount of body lotion over the area you intend to treat with tanning products. This will prevent any drying and will create a smooth surface for the application of tanning lotions.
  • Work the product well into your skin. It should feel completely dry and there should be no excess product left.
  • After applying self tanner, wipe off areas that don’t normally tan like the armpits, soles of feet and fingers. Use a damp cotton wool pad or cotton balls for this. Also wipe off the area around your eyebrows, hairline and jawline.

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