Tips For Sunless Tanning


Sunless tanning is a smooth alternative to get some color without the risk of exposing yourself to the sun’s harmful rays. The advantage about sunless tanners is that you can apply the product to a certain area or all over the body. The whole process takes about two hours, not including drying time. However you can do the best in the evening before you go to bed. Also, make sure you are in a cool and well-ventilated area to minimize perspiration, which will cause streaking.

First, make sure to exfoliate well, for an even base application. If you plan to tan your legs, don’t shave that day to prevent irritation. After showering, apply lotion and allow that to absorb into the skin for about 20 minutes.

If you are following face cleaning tips, you also tan you face. First you pull your hair back in a pony-tail or headband. Apply a light, even layer to the face and neck, since this area tends to absorb product more than other areas of the body. Drying time depends on the product, but don’t touch the face for 15 minutes after application.

If you are looking to tan all over; depending what areas you want to tan, you can wear shorts and a tank or t-shirt or a bathing suit. For body application, use gloves or make sure to wash your hands every five minutes to prevent orange palms. Keep a manicure or fingernail brush available to scrub the product off nails and in between fingers. If you are applying the tanner to your back, you may need some help. Spread in a circular motion and make sure you get all the trouble spots like the back of your legs.

On feet and hands, just apply to the tops, not in between fingers and toes or the sides. Avoid water or bathing for another three hours.

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