Tips To Feel Young


You may roughly calculate someone’s life expectancy according to his or her physical and historical backgrounds. The time, place and genetic make-up usually determine it. In developed countries, medical care, diet and preventive health measures have improved conditions of life. We have often realized and experienced that women, who are generally more in-tune with their emotions, tend to cope with stress better than men do. On the other hand, men tend to bury their emotions deep within and struggle more with stressful situations, which can eventually lead to diminished health and a shorter bill on life.

Stress, along with psychological traumas and a negative environment, can also lead to lower life expectancies for people who are prone to negativity and pessimism in their lives. Therefore, if you are between the ages of 25-40, don’t hate your work. Exercise well and avoid junk food for a Better Body Image. Avoid fighting and anger within the family and live a peaceful life to increase you life span. Ironic, isn’t it, that with our advancing technological and medical era, we are slowly but surely digressing to a life-expectancy standard of a century ago? Don’t worry though; there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The good news is that you can actually reverse the aging process so that you feel and look younger than your actual physical age.

Giving a fresh spin to the old expression “jogging your memory”, scientists have found that running and exercising helps the growth of new brain cells, improving learning and memory, and consequently adding more years to your life. Until recently it was thought that the growth of new neurons did not occur in the adult mammalian brain but now we have evidence for it, and it appears that exercise helps it happen. So they only remedy to get rid of a life which says you are growing old is, to start feeling young. And the best way to start it right away is, wake up next morning to run before time. Go stroll out in the park and move your body and get fit. Don’t do it with a thought to get saved from the old age life but practice it with a positive mind of living a young life always.

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