Whitening Tips

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Fair complexion is a dream and achievement of everyone. Your Fair complexion stands as a Face Mask for you. In the marriage market and dreams the first preference will be to those with a fair skin. Why should you stay away from this perfect appearance? Try these handy beauty tips and see the changes within a short period.

The dark complexion is primarily the result of melanin content in your body. Studies have proved that the presence of melanin rises as body heat increases. A daily application of the mixture of sandalwood and rose water-cools your skin as well as brings a fair glow to you.

You can make a fine paste of gridded almonds and rose water. A regular application of this paste on the face and neck will bring a natural fairness.

Vegetables have a wonderful power in enhancing fairness. Cut a tomato into two halves and rub it on your face. You can see the change within a few days. You can also soak potatoes in cold water for 10 minutes. Rub theses slices on your face, hands and neck. This regular act will bring a positive result within a short period.

You can do a fairness massage easily at the privacy of your home. Soak four almonds overnight. In the morning remove their skin and grind them fine. Make a paste by adding one teaspoon of gram flour, one teaspoon of milk and four drops of lime juice. A regular massage with this paste will assure a long lasting fairness to you.

Grapes work as magical potions for enhancing fairness. A regular application of grape seeds or the consumption of grape juice will give you the long desired complexion.

You can make a paste of cucumber with coconut water. Apply this paste regularly to relive your skin as well as to bring a glowing complexion.

Never forget the traditional beauty secret to enhance your complexion. Apply the turmeric powder and sandalwood paste daily to ensure better results.

Try these handy beauty tips and step out in confidence with your fair appearance.

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