Your Way To Beautiful Skin


The secret to beautiful skin lies in more than genetics. When you have learned about Skin Types, you will search the way for beautiful skin. Sure, if you have good genes you’re bound to have great skin. But even great skin needs three simple steps to ensure its cleanliness, texture and vibrancy.

Before you start your day and end your night, follow these three rules to a cleaner, healthier, more beautiful skin.


In the mornings and after removing your makeup at night, gently clean your face with a special face cream. Whatever you do, do not use normal soap as it could dry out your delicate facial skin. Gently splash some water on your face, lather in the facial soap and pat dry. Do not pull on your face while drying, as this damages the skin’s elasticity and may increase the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


The next step should be to tone. A facial toner will help to restore you skin’s natural PH balance. Before using a toner, make sure you visit a dermatologist or skincare consultant to determine which toner is best suited to your skin type. When using a toner, apply a little bit to a cotton wool round and apply gently to your skin. Remember, the skin around your eyes is more sensitive, so try to avoid that area.


The perfect ending to any skincare routine is moisturizing. Moisturizing helps to improve your skin’s elasticity and will help you skin from getting too dry.

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