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  • Wear Your Look

    Face – Add a healthy warm tint using a bronzing gel where the sun normally hits your face: cheeks, nose, and forehead. Using a blush brush, sweep sand-colored blush across the apples of cheeks, working back toward the hairline, then downwards to blend. Finish with a shimmer powder for a summer glow. Eyes – Brush […]

  • Facial Tips

    How to bring back the glow is the question foremost on the minds of most men and women considering getting a facial done. The best facial is one that constitutes use of natural ingredients because they contain all of the essential vitamins that the skin needs and are able to revitalize it without the worry […]

  • Mask Tips

    Use Mask Cover Cream to conceal your skin blemishes. Camouflage is yellow based and like our foundations will perfectly match your skin tone. Use it as a concealer or as a foundation. Quite a few women suffer from severe outbreaks of broken or thread veins on the nose and cheek. Due to their ignorance, they […]

  • Blush Application tips

    Blush gives your face a healthy glow with a rosy effect. Never apply blush closer to the nose area. Choose blusher colors that match your eye shadow and lip color or that have a slight reddish pinky color to them. Fair skin looks great in rose, olive in peach & dark skin in apricot or […]

  • Make Your Face Look Slimmer

    With an artistic thought make use of your make up blusher cleverly to slim down chubby cheeks. This will help you to slender your face and give a look which you dreamed of. Follow these steps for the same. Select two shades of blush, one of a deeper shade and other of lighter. Also purchase […]

  • Face Mask Tips

    Once you have decided on a face mask, it is important that you apply it properly to experience its best effects. Most important, it is advised not to use fingers when applying a face mask. Instead have some qualitative brushes ready to use for the face mask. Prior to applying a face mask, you have […]

  • Get Smoky Eyes

    Smoky eyes have been a popular style for quite awhile now and this trend doesn’t look like it will fade anytime soon. Proper blending is the key to getting the best smoky eye look. You should blend the colors of your makeup flawlessly. Rich dark colors should be paired with light base colors. Start with […]

  • Face Mask

    You may come across lots of ways to mask your face to make it look better and good such as by following Whitening Tips. But how about creating your own face mask? This will help you know the process and make you confident about what creation you are making for yourself. So here are the […]

  • Get rid of blackheads

    Wash your face regularly with lukewarm water and a good cleanser at least 3 times a day. Keep on splashing water on the skin because blackheads usually appear on the oily skin. Always apply an astringent on your skin, which will reduce the oiliness from the skin. And while you remove those blackheads, also take […]

  • Ways to Get Rid of Wrinkles

    Are crows feet and smile lines giving away your true age? Wrinkles and fine lines add years to your appearance, and it may be too late to begin a wrinkle prevention plan. Still, there are some ways to fight the signs of aging and stop the clock – at least temporarily. Also know the face […]