Wear Your Look


Face – Add a healthy warm tint using a bronzing gel where the sun normally hits your face: cheeks, nose, and forehead. Using a blush brush, sweep sand-colored blush across the apples of cheeks, working back toward the hairline, then downwards to blend. Finish with a shimmer powder for a summer glow.

Eyes – Brush a bone-colored eye shadow from lash line to brow bone with an eye shadow brush. Using an eye-definer brush, apply a cocoa-colored eye shadow on the lower lid. To enhance eyes, use an eyeliner brush to line them all around with a mahogany eye shadow.

Lips – Apply a sheer neutral color on lips, then line with a mocha-colored lip liner. Finish with a neutral-colored shimmer lip gloss.

Five On-the-Go Summer Essentials

  • Water keeps you hydrated and cool
  • Blush is the easiest way to look pretty and radiant
  • Bronzer makes you look healthy and relaxed
  • Lip balm with SPF protects your lips from summer heat chapping
  • Lip gloss for instant shine and color

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